Collecting works of art has had its long history since the times of the earliest civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece and Rome or later since the age of Renaissance and Baroque till the present day. Traces of collecting nice and valuable objects from which great art collections have grown are found in all ages. Numerous renowned world museums have been founded by altruistic donations of some big private collectors.

As an art advisor Frankica Mitrović Mihić with her advanced knowledge of contemporary art and her working experience offers comprehensive advice in the moment of selecting and buying a work of art. With individual approach to each client with understanding of the client’s vision and personal wish, the goal is to find the right work of art responding aesthetics and budget of each client as well as guaranteeing authenticity of the work. As an art advisor she succeeded in forming several private art collections in country and abroad.

A well chosen work of art can transform home or office space giving it individuality and style. Art enriches us, makes the world around us more beautiful, it changes and enlivens the space, giving it personality and style, and makes it more pleasant and more comfortable to stay in. Art has become much more than decoration of space, it has become a part of the image, reflecting a sense of beauty.