Shapes of Tomorrow

“Shapes of Tomorrow” a solo show by prominent Croatian visual artist Božica Dea Matasić. This is one of the first exhibitions in Croatia to showcase artistic sculptures made using the most advanced digital 3D printing technology.

May 16 – June 19, 2024.


“YOUNG TALENTED FEMALE ARTISTS” group show by emerging Croatian artists: Marta Katavić, Mihaela Rašica and Monika Sinković.

The gallery, alongside its regular program featuring established visual artists from younger and middle generations, will organize exhibitions for emerging  talented artists.The purpose of such projects is to discover new talents, highlight innovative ideas, provide support to young artists in their development, and introduce new generations of visual artists to a broader audience.
February 9 – April 10, 2024.

Lauba, Nesvrstani Art fair, Zagreb 2023.

It was pleasure for Zen Contemporary Art Gallery to participate at the Nesvrstani Art Fair 2023 that took place in Lauba, Zagreb. At this edition gallery presented one of the most
important Croatian painters of the new generation Grgur Akrap and Matko Vekić together with sculptures by famous Italian sculptor Daniele Fortuna. Lauba, 01- 04 June 2023.

Art Zagreb 2021.

It was a pleasure to participate again this year on Art Zagreb where I presented recent works by young Croatian artists Grgur Akrap and Matej Vuković.
Art Zagreb took place at the Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla, Hala V. 15 -18 September 2021.

Art Zagreb 2019

Zen Contemporary Art Gallery participated for the second time in Art Zagreb. It was a great experience for the gallery to participate and to present exquisite piece of arts by selected Croatian artists Paulina Jazvić and Sebastian Dračić as well as art works by Italian sculptor Daniele Fortuna.
Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla, Hala V. 16-19 May 2019.

Lauba – 2. Nesvsrstani

Zen Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to participate at the 2nd edition of NESVRSTANI which will take place in Lauba presenting the best selection of the young and mid career Croatian artists: Sebastijan Dračić, Eugen Varzić, Grgur Akrap and Matej Vuković.
Lauba 23-26 05.2019.

ART TODAY December 12, 2019.

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition which is part of a series of exhibitions with the aim of better presenting and promoting Croatian contemporary artists at the Croatian and international art scene. The exhibition titled Art Today has been realised in cooperation with the Art Salon Zagreb. On this occasion there will be present the recent works by the most significant Croatian artists of the younger generation: Grgur Akrap, Sebastijan Dračić, Martina Grlić and Stjepan Šandrk as well as sculptures by Italian artist Daniele Fortuna.

Opening reception : Thursday, December, 12, 2019 at 7:00PM.

Art Salon Zagreb, Ilica 12, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

The exhibition is open till December 16, 2019