At the Winarts gallery in Milan the exhibition of Croatian contemporary artist Stjepan Šandrk was opened.The exhibition Inspiration to classic has been realised in cooperation with the Italian gallery Winarts following up the idea of introduction contemporary Croatian artists on the international art scene thus confirming the competition of Croatian contemporary art on the important Italian art market. The works of art of one of the most recognizable Croatian artists of the new generation Stjepan Šandrk are on display at this exhibition. His hyperrealistic figurative compositions are exhibited in the Italian Winarts Gallery together with the wooden colored sculptures of the Italian sculptor Daniel Fortuna.

The exhibition is open till March 19, 2017, Winarts Gallery, Via Raves 18, 20149 Milano



In the iconic Nhow hotel in Milan, located in the art quarter of Tortona, the exhibition of contemporary art under the name of # SILENCE was opened presenting young, already known and established Italian and foreign artists and designers. Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, in cooperation with the Milanese Gallery WinArts, succeeded in including works of the Croatian contemporary artist Sebastijan Dračić, one of the most prosperous Croatian painters of the younger generation. The large canvases of Sebastijan Dračić are exposed in the very lobby of the hotel next to the reception desk at the most noticeable places in the framework of this team exhibition. All the floors and hotel halls designed as a multifunctional exhibition space are transformed into a large exhibition gallery connecting art and design with the classic hotel concept. Nhow Milano completely overturns the architectural and structual concept of hotel space , favouring the notion of interactive setting, derived from Italian glamour and lifestyle contaminations. It presents an electic style of broad and comfortable spaces, which alternate works of art and design items, while staying true to functionality. The exhibition is open till 31st of March, 2016.


The opening of exhibition by Sebastijan Dracic was a great success . I am so happy and proud that We managed to achieve such a beautiful exhibition at such a nice and historic location in the heart of Italy. I am very happy that we presented in Milano one of the most prominent and promising Croatian artist of the younger generation Sebastijan Dracic together with the Italian sculptor Daniel Fortuna. I want to thank a WinArts Gallery and Mrs. Iva Pavić, the Croatian Consul Generale in Milan for their whole hearted support.
The exhibition will be open until July 16 in Via Pallavicino 21 in WinArts Gallery.


Zen Contemporary Art gallery took part at the Affordable Art Fair Milan 2015 with works of Croatian artists Sebastijan Dračić, Paulina Jazvić, Saša Šekoranja and Matko Vekić. Ninety five international art galleries were presented at the Fair displaying the works of young, emerging and well established artists, all of them together at one beautiful place – The Super Studio Più located at Via Tortona. It was a pleasure and great experience participating at such a popular show, particularly having an opportunity of presenting Croatian artists to the international art scene. We were very happy with the visitors showing great interest in the works of our artists and with excellent reviews we received. The gallery has established many valuable new contacts and the ground for some new projects in the near future.

Realized projects

“Il Rittorno alla Figurazione”, Ex-Fornace, Milano, 2016

“Silences”, NHOW, Milano, Italy, 2015

“No limit”, Winarts Gallery & Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, La Biblioteca Umanistica, Milano, Italy, 2015

Affordable Art Fair, Milano, 2015

Gallery Kranjčar – exhibition of Paulina Jazvić – Zagreb, 2014

Catalog – Paulina Jazvić (download *.pdf format)

Museum of Contemporary Art – curator – Zagreb, 2007-2011

Gallery at the Fashion Institute of Technology – exhibition of emerging artists – New York 2003

Assistant for the one of the largest private art collection of contemporary art, New York, 2002-2004.

Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts, New York, Tweaked , exhibition of the contemporary photography by emerging artists, New York, 2001

P.S. 1 Assistant for the selection of artists that exhibited their works in New York for the first time, New York, 2000 -2002

Planned Projects

Cooperation with Win Arts Gallery in Milan and exhibition by Sebastijan Dracic at the WinArts Gallery from July 2nd 2015.

Project Sarajevo 100 Exhibition of International Graphic Designer Posters, 2015

Affordable Art Fair Milano, 19-22 March 2015

Planning and organizing exhibitions in the country and abroad

International program in cooperation with foreign galleries

Participation in International Fairs of Contemporary Art (Art Fairs)

Openness for cooperation with artists


At the prestigious exhibited place EX- Fornace in Milan, the exhibition of contemporary art under the name “Il Ritorno alla figurazione” was opened presenting already known and established Croatian artists Paulina Jazvić, Martina Grlić, Stjepan Šandrk and Petar Hranuelli on the wider Italian art scene. These artists are already established and renowned for their artistic styles; they have successfully exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. Paulina Jazvić, Martina Grlić and Stjepan Šandrk belong to the generational circle of figurative painters approaching the traditional media in a contemporary and individual manner. They don’t abandon figuration in their artistic work but give it an additional dimension and recognizability intertwining it into new media in a special way. This sets them apart from their colleague painters. Each of the above mentioned artists creates his or hers own perception of figurativeness in their work. Petar Hranuelli, the only sculptor among them fits in this group of artists because he also sticks to figuration in his sculpture modelling.
The opening of this exhibition was accompanied by the a concert “Bow vs Plectrum” which is a very unique instrumental duo, as it is composed of the traditional instrument Croat tambura (Filip Novosel) and the double bass (Tihomir Hojsak). This duo’s musical style is based on contemporary jazz combined with the melodies and rhythms of ethnic music.

The exhibition “Il ritorno alla figurazione” was made possible through the collaboration between the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Milan and the Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, as well as by the support of the City of Milan, presenting Croatian artists on the Italian artistic stage.
The exhibition is open till July 5, 2016 at EX-Fornace, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Milano.


Il ritorno alla figurazione

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition of Croatian contemporary artists Martina Grlić, Paulina Jazvić, Stjepan Šandrk and Petar Hranuelli which will be held in Milano from June 20-July 5, 2016. Opening reception : Friday, June 24, 2016 at 8PM EX-Fornace, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Milano

A bold new exhibition that will showcase contemporary Croatian artists is to be held in June. Four Croatian contemporary artists will exhibit their works as a result of a new partnership between the Republic of Croatia Consulate General in Milan and Zagreb's Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, in a bid to foster new links across the international artistic community. Paulina Jazvić, Martina Grlić, Stjepan Šandrka and Petar Hranuelli will show works at the prestigious EX FORNACE GALLERY in Milan, a melting pot of international talent and the ideal place to showcase Croatian artists on the wider Italian art scene. The opening ceremony will be on Friday, June 24, 2016.