Domagoj Rogina

Domagoj Rogina was born in Varaždin in 1989. He graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2017. So far he has exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions. He has won many recognitions and awards for his work. He works as a professor at Slava Raškaj Educational Centre in Zagreb.

Domagoj Rogina is a member of the younger generation of Croatian artists focusing on figuration. In the last few years, he has imposed himself on art scene as one of the leading painters of the younger generation. His exceptional artistic expression is well known by expressive compositions, layered paint, expressive handwriting, intense brush strokes. The artist focuses on the surface of the painting, on its tactile part, therefore the matter of colour that embodies the scene is an unavoidable part of his art works, which often hide symbolism from everyday life. Through his paintings he tries to convey his concern for nature and the bad attitude of man towards it.

As the artist himself once said: ”I like to paint freely, to explore, therefore I approach painting as discovery, reflection, play, in every new cycle I try to discover something new”.