At the prestigious exhibited place EX- Fornace in Milan, the exhibition of contemporary art under the name “Il Ritorno alla figurazione” was opened presenting already known and established Croatian artists Paulina Jazvić, Martina Grlić, Stjepan Šandrk and Petar Hranuelli on the wider Italian art scene. These artists are already established and renowned for their artistic styles; they have successfully exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. Paulina Jazvić, Martina Grlić and Stjepan Šandrk belong to the generational circle of figurative painters approaching the traditional media in a contemporary and individual manner. They don’t abandon figuration in their artistic work but give it an additional dimension and recognizability intertwining it into new media in a special way. This sets them apart from their colleague painters. Each of the above mentioned artists creates his or hers own perception of figurativeness in their work. Petar Hranuelli, the only sculptor among them fits in this group of artists because he also sticks to figuration in his sculpture modelling.
The opening of this exhibition was accompanied by the a concert “Bow vs Plectrum” which is a very unique instrumental duo, as it is composed of the traditional instrument Croat tambura (Filip Novosel) and the double bass (Tihomir Hojsak). This duo’s musical style is based on contemporary jazz combined with the melodies and rhythms of ethnic music.

The exhibition “Il ritorno alla figurazione” was made possible through the collaboration between the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Milan and the Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, as well as by the support of the City of Milan, presenting Croatian artists on the Italian artistic stage.
The exhibition is open till July 5, 2016 at EX-Fornace, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Milano.