Paulina Jazvić

Paulina Jazvić was born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. She has two academic degrees, first she graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology and later on she earned a degree in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has exhibited her works at several solo and group exhibitions including Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and Italy. She is a winner of a number of awards. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Paulina Jazvić is an established artist best known for her characteristic artistic style reflected primarily in large format paintings as well as art installations created at the boundary between the traditional painting and abstraction. She is an artist with talent for a quick, expert and neat line, excellent drawer. She often uses the black continuous line in creating different figurative forms frequently combining them with the use of reduced palette of colours, usually red and yellow. She further enriches artistic expression in her paintings by covering the surface of the canvas with bits of photographs, imprints of objects, various inscriptions and other visual vestiges. The artist questions her own role of a woman and mother from the point of view of a typical female position in modern society.

Solo exhibitions
2016. Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia
2016. LAUBA, Zagreb
2015. Galerija Rigo, Novigrad, Croatia
2014. Gallery Kranjčar-Zagreb
Gallery Karas
2013. Gallery Mala-Zagreb
Gallery ETK (Ericsson Nikola Tesla)-Zagreb
2011. Medijateka-Insitut Francais
2010. Gallery Bruketa-Rijeka
Palmižana art gallery
2009. Medijateka-Insitut Francais
2008. Gallery Porezne uprave
Gallery Karas
2007. Studio Josip Račić
2006. Gallery Knežev Dvor, Rab,
Galerija Buljat,
Klub Škola
2005. Gallery 01
2004. Gallery CEKAO
2003. Bibliobus Art, Koprivnica
Gallery Galženica
2002. Gallery Močvara
Gallery VN
2001. Gallery Matica Hrvatske,
Lotršćak tower, Erstesteiermärkische Bank
2000. Gallery SC, Nova
1999. Likum
1998. Likum
1995. Gjuro II, Mobilus

Group exhibitions
2016. Ex Fornace, Milano, “Il rittorno alla figurazione”, Zen Contemporary Art
2013. Gallery Hest-Ljubljana
2012. Gliptoteka – Triennale of sculpture-Zagreb
MSUI – Excange
Artum – Muzej grada Umaga
2011. HDLU Bienale slikarstva
Izložba Svjetska banka
MSUI Excange
National Academy of Art Gallery-Sofia/Bulgaria
2010. MSUI-Kriza
2009. Splitski salon
Porečki anale
Trijenale kiparstva
2008. Ulpuh –Skica za model
2006. Gallery Dubrava,
HDLU -Erstesteirmarkishe Bank
2005. MC Luka ,Pula,Ston
2004. Filip Trade-Dubrovnik collection
2003. Trienale of drawings – Zagreb, Trienale of sculpture – Zagreb
2002. Gliptoteka – Award finalist «Radoslav Putar» Gallery PU – Erste Steiermarkische Bank, Trienale of drawings – Zagreb
2001. Mimara, Zagreb,
SC, Zagreb, Triennale of drawings, Rijeka, Festival Preformance, Tczew, Poljska, Galerija PU – Artiljerija
2000. Gavella, Zagreb, Mimara, Zagreb, Trenale Graphic , SC, Zagreb
1999. Break, Ljubljana, II Croatian Triennale of drawing, Pasionska Baština- Gallery Zvonimir, Galerija SC
1998. BREAK 21, Ljubljana, II Biennale of small forms , Raciborz, Poljska 25. Salon of the young, Zagreb

Fashion shows
1996. Fashion News, Opatija,
Sveučilišna Biblioteka, Zagreb,
31. Zagrebački Salon, Zagreb,
Tjedan Kulture, Maribor,
Garage Club, Zagreb (Revija Nagrađenih)
1995. SIFA, Dublin
1994. Fashion News, Opatija,
Installation – tiskara Zagreb,
SIFA, Zagreb

2000. Award Universitas studiorum Zagrabiensis
1999. Award Academia of fine arts on Croatian triennial drawing
1994. Grand prix golden line
1994. Smirnoff International Fashion Award
1994. Crystal Label – Award faculty TTF

Art Fairs
2015. Affordable Art Fair, Milano, Zen Contemporary Art Gallery