Sebastijan Dračić

Sebastijan Dračić is best known for his monumental figurative oil paintings, depicted in rich colour, presented some mystical or exotic atmosphere almost on the boundary between the reality and illusion. Despite the two-dimensional picture, in an instant the observer transforms into a possible participant of the scene and painting itself. A longer observation evokes the feeling of affiliation to the very space; the observer can feel the scent, rustle and tranquility of the infinite greenery in the paintings of green nature and rain forest or serenity in the endless blue sea. In his art habit different topics run: empty interiors, night forest landscapes, depictions of destroyed and abandoned buildings in nature, green forests… In his works the artist is analyzing the modern civilization; he is interested in the destiny of mankind in today’s estranged world.

Sebastijan Dračić was born in 1980 in Zagreb where he graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. So far he has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Croatia, Austria, Germany, Poland, China, Italy). He works as an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

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