Zen Contemporary Art Gallery was established in 2014 with the aim of better presentation and promotion of the new generation of Croatian contemporary artists at the domestic and international art scene with a goal of better cooperation with foreign art galleries as well as a participation in international art fairs of contemporary art to gain international exposure and connect with a wider art market.

The Gallery represents academically educated artists who have gained a solid reputation among art critics and the art audience as truly talented artists, as evidenced by the awards and recognitions they have received for their artistic achievements so far. Given their level of quality, their persistence as well as enormous and unique talent, we can be sure that these young artists will make an even stronger mark on the art scene in the years to come. The Gallery is founded and run by Frankica Mitrović Mihić, independent curator and art historian who has a Master degree in Business of Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she also acquired the professional title of Art advisor. During her stay in New York she worked in P.S. 1, the oldest and largest organization in the United States devoted solely to the promotion of the contemporary art. She has organized several exhibitions of contemporary artists from New York and worked as an art advisor in the formation of several private and corporate art collections. She has written many professional works and held a number of presentations of the contemporary art and artists. She worked as a curator in the Museum of Contemporary art in Zagreb.

In her long years working experience in the art field as the curator and manager of the gallery she has organised and curated a number of exhibitions and has participated at many Contemporary Art Fairs both in Croatia and abroad. She managed to establish a collaboration with several Italian galleries where today selected Croatian artists regularly exhibit.

As an art advisor with her advanced knowledge of contemporary art and her working experience offers comprehensive advice in the moment of selecting and buying a work of art. With individual approach to each client with understanding of the client’s vision and personal wish, the goal is to find the right work of art responding aesthetics and budget of each client as well as guaranteeing authenticity of the work. As an art advisor she succeeded in forming several private art collections in country and abroad.