Matej Vuković

With his innovative sculptures that he has presented at various exhibitions, Vuković has already gained a good reputation among art critics and the art audience as a talented young artist. His clouds, already recognizable for their various forms and dynamics, invite the viewer to observe them closely and discover new forms. These amazing and almost surreal clouds are changing their expression when viewed from different angles, spreading joy with their intense colours. His art is infused with quality, authenticity, freshness, and an exceptional talent. This young talented artist is definitely on the upswing of his career.

Matej Vuković was born in 1995 in Zagreb. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2014 and is currently finishing his MA in sculpture. He is one of the four youngest exhibitors who in 2018 participated at the 13th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, which took place at the Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.