Stjepan Šandrk

This young but already renowned artist is well known for his photorealistic painting with frequent scenes depicted from the art world. His paintings are characterized by coloristic compositions made of photographs of the audience at exhibition venues of various museums and galleries. Šandrk’s reinterpretation offers a unique tone, which is also expressive, as he transfers carefully selected visual facts, captured with a camera, onto the canvas with a refined artistic sensibility. The compositional organization of the painting, the dominance of color and the plastic modulation of the characters are some of the most recognizable elements in his paintings that he uses to show us the way in which we perceive the culture and art in today’s modern society overwhelmed with social media.

Stjepan Šandrk was born in Osijek, in 1984. He graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in 2006. At the same Academy he completed a PhD, in Art, in 2015. He has exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad including Croatia, Spain, Italy, Austria.

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