Spectacle – Milano

At the WinArts gallery in Milan the exhibition named “Spectacle” was opened. The works of art by the most recognizable Croatian artists of the new generation Martina Grlić and Stjepan Šandrk are represented at this exhibition. Martina Grlić belongs to a stream of Croatian painting, which focuses on the figurative in art and on the narrative potential of the painting. At this show she is presenting the works from her last cycle named Collective Dreams painted in black and white shades. In her art works she tries to revive the past forwarding registered moments from the old photographs to her canvases. Her body of work is a critical reflection on the changes that took place, and are in fact still happening in the post-socialist societies. On the other hand Stjepan Šandrk in very coloristic way is presenting the works from his last cycle named Spectacle. Through his paintings the artist wants to show us the way in which we perceive the culture and art in today's modern society overwhelmed with social media. The exhibition has been realised in cooperation between Zen Contemporary Art gallery and WinArts gallery.