In the iconic Nhow hotel in Milan, located in the art quarter of Tortona, the exhibition of contemporary art under the name of # SILENCE was opened presenting young, already known and established Italian and foreign artists and designers. Zen Contemporary Art Gallery, in cooperation with the Milanese Gallery WinArts, succeeded in including works of the Croatian contemporary artist Sebastijan Dračić, one of the most prosperous Croatian painters of the younger generation. The large canvases of Sebastijan Dračić are exposed in the very lobby of the hotel next to the reception desk at the most noticeable places in the framework of this team exhibition. All the floors and hotel halls designed as a multifunctional exhibition space are transformed into a large exhibition gallery connecting art and design with the classic hotel concept. Nhow Milano completely overturns the architectural and structual concept of hotel space , favouring the notion of interactive setting, derived from Italian glamour and lifestyle contaminations. It presents an electic style of broad and comfortable spaces, which alternate works of art and design items, while staying true to functionality. The exhibition is open till 31st of March, 2016.